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Ingradients - 


Arjun churna (powder).


Dose - 


Adults - 2 tabs 2 times a day Children- 1 tab 2 times a day.


Properties - 


Cardiac tonic.

Arjunsal Tablet

  • Indication - 

    Best Cardiac tonic. It improves cardiac strength.So in all sorts of heart diseases it can be used as single drug therapy or supportive drug with other cardiac drugs.Helps in controlling hypertension.

    Anupan - 

    Hot water. Abhrak bhasma may be useful for better results

    Diet - 

    Avoid exertion, stress, anxiety. Take regular exercise like yoga pranayam, stress management.Avoid excess oil, ghee, butter etc. Normal healthy food including fruits and vegitables in prefered.

    Precaution - 

    To be taken under medical supervision.

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