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Ingredients - 


Haritaki, Kachora, Vidang, Suntha, Mohari, Shatavari, Pippali, Vacha, Shankhapushpi, Brahmi, Jyotishmati.


Bhavana -


Brahmi Swaras, Vacha fant, Triphala Kwath.


Dose -


Adults - 2 tabs 3 times a day Childrens - 1 tabs 3 times a day.




Vatshamak, Medhavardhak, Nervine tonic.


  • Indication -

    Fatigue, Stress due to mental disorders, loss of memory, nervous strain, epilepsy. Useful medicine for the people who are working in the corporate sector, students.

    Diet/Precaution -

    Avoid garlic, onion, spicy items.Have proper rest. Keep your attitude positive and think about good moral value.

    Anupan -

    Brahmi Ghrut or Saraswatarishta.

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